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Coast to Coast AM – Discussions with Major Ed Dames

Coast to Coast AM has invited Major Ed Dames several times to discuss remote viewing and how it is helping in future prediction as well as present and past discovery. One of the most interesting and concerning predictions by Major Dames regards the launch of nuclear weapon by North

This act was predicted to take place resulting from a show of anger and frustration due to international economic downfall caused by a serious pandemic. Major Dames told Coast to Coast AM that he and his team had revealed the actual action plan laid out by the government of the North Korea.

Major Dames further said to the host of Coast to Coast AM that he was also concerned about the likelihood of an international pandemic as this scenario could lead to further global financial crises. At the same time, he also mentioned to Coast to Coast AM that there was another thing that he was most concerned about.

Major Dames said that there will be a series of solar flares coming toward the earth and hitting it in many places. Major Dames strongly believes that the pandemic had already occurred in the form of the H7N0 bird flu virus that hit China.

Ed Dames told Coast to Coast AM that he had been receiving signs of the occurrence of the solar kill shot for many years already. The presence of the ISON comet was predicted to be the main precursor for the solar attack. The comet has yet to pass the sun by November 2013, so Dames predicted that from the end of 2013 up to the first quarter of 2014, chaotic occurrences may unfold.

To conclude, it is best to be prepared before the actual disaster appears. Apart from listening to the interviews between Major Dames and Coast to Coast AM, you can click on this link to find more about these important predictions for your future.

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